Taking Sustainability to the Next Level (5/24/12)

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Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) is typically manufactured at 325 degrees. We’re in our third year of producing a Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt (FWMA) product at 275 to 300 degrees. So far, we’ve successfully produced and installed over a million tons of FWMA.

Not only are emissions reduced and energy conserved in the production process of FWMA, evidence still suggests FWMA is a superior product to HMA for many reasons, including safety, uniformity, and avoiding premature aging due to less “cooking” of the liquid Asphalt Cement (AC) binder materials.

Thanks to recent technological discoveries, in regards to sustainability we feel we’re just getting started.

First, we are working with suppliers to produce even higher quality asphalt at even lower temperatures.

Second, we are conducting research and investing in bio-based additives and pavement life extenders.

And third, we are conducting research leading towards increased recycling because we believe most of the materials needed to rehabilitate our aging roads and parking lots are already in our roads and parking lots.

Just think…. Someday, very little heat will be needed to dry our product. Someday, more emulsion-based asphalt products will require little to no heat to coat the aggregate. Someday, we will produce roads entirely with in-place products.

Asphalt truly is the sustainable pavement. We can re-use it over and over again. The aggregate that it is made of is millions of years old. The glue (AC) that holds it together can be rejuvenated. Asphalt, our nation’s most recycled product, can be re-used over and over, again and again.


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