Poised for the Future (10/30/12)

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Over 80 years of experience. That’s the accumulated total of two key employees who retired recently. Tom Picek, in his 26th year with 4 decades of construction experience, retired last month. Tom Haller had been with BR 42 years when he retired last year. On top of these two management retirees, operator Gordy Johnson retired with decades of experience.

That’s a ton of experience. One might think that experience cannot be replaced. However, these men were mentors to many of us, and their legacy is alive and well within the organization.

That got me thinking: How are we poised for the future?

Nearly one in seven (14%) of our current roster includes employees over the age of 55. And exactly half of our employees are age 45 and older.

When we hire new employees, we make it a point to hire employees who have been around the block a few times. From year to year, roughly eight percent of our employees are “new” employees.

We cannot replace the experience lost the day we lose long-time good employees, but we can, and do, carry on the spirit of what they stood for when we were here.

Our current leaders are the mentors to many within the organization. In this way of thinking we are poised well for the future.

John Kittleson

Vice President

Bituminous Roadways, Inc.

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