Parking Lot Reconstruction In Burnsville

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Bituminous Roadways was recently contracted to reconstruct a parking lot for the Oak Ridge Professional Building in Burnsville this summer. The original parking lot failed prematurely due to the poor soil conditions it was built upon. This is a common cause for pavement failure. To ensure a longer lasting quality product, it is important to have a professional evaluate the subgrade for weakness and determine the best possible pavement solution for your needs & budget.

For this project, an engineering company provided recommendations to the owner for the following pavement design:

29.5″ Removal/Excavation

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4″ Drain Tile With Filter Sock Tied into the Existing Catch Basins

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Type V Geofabric Installation for Soil Separation & Stabilization

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– 18″ Sand Cushion
– 8″ Class #5 Aggregate Base
– 2″ Lift of Bituminous Base
– 1.5″ Bituminous Wear Course
– Some of the Concrete Curb and Flatwork was also replaced

The drain tile will carry the run-off water that flows into it through the sand cushion and away from the aggregate layers under the asphalt preventing saturation and softening of the subgrade.

Bituminous Roadways was able to conduct this project in two phases which enabled the owner to maintain access to a parking area during construction.



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