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Change.  Few words evoke so much interest, attention, excitement, and fear.  Here’s a warning – BR is undergoing change again.

Changes are a necessary part of growth and development.  Change occurs naturally.  I look around and I see people who want to continue to grow and develop.  Equipment, materials, methods, technologies along with people’s skills, interests, priorities, and expectations all change continuously.

Only two years ago we modified our corporate structure and offered a wave of promotions in order to improve our ability to adequately service our customer’s needs.  I felt those changes then would carry us through for several years.  However, never did I believe we’d be making significant changes again only two years later.

In order to better serve our partners and customers, we promoted John Anderson to not only an estimator, but created a new General Contractor Service Department and John became manager of the department.  By the end of the same week, we found a replacement for John’s former role and hired Eric Trnka as estimating assistant.  In March we hired Ryan Lake who joins John and Jason Miller as estimators in this department.

Also in January, our Chief Estimator, Wayne Olson, transitioned into part-time status as a semi-retired employee.  With that, Steve Makela is now a Senior Estimator and has taken the reigns as our overall lead estimator.  Wayne will stay on to continue to bid and manage projects as a Senior Estimator while serving as a mentor to our next estimator/pm in the Streets department.  That person was hired and began work shortly thereafter.  His name is Nate Kircher.  The team of Wayne, Steve and Nate are very busy trying to keep up with a high volume of street projects being bid.

Jason Krause is now a Key Accounts Manager, meaning his focus will be on certain customers rather than territorial.  Brian Johnson will be Specialty Projects Manager and continue to focus on his customers and challenging projects he has grown accustomed to doing.

When Mike Knapp was named to manage a new Pavement Maintenance Department two years ago we didn’t foresee that type of work gain momentum so rapidly.  With increased work and expanding crews, scheduling has become a greater challenge.   Therefore, Mike Nelson has been promoted to fill a new role at BR.  Mike will oversee the operations, scheduling and coordination of the work in that department, allowing the estimators to be more responsive and attentive to their customers.

We believe these changes will allow BR to better serve you, our customer and look forward to your feedback!

John Kittleson

Vice President



Eric Trnka

Eric Trnka

Nate Kircher sm

Nate Kircher

Ryan Lake

Ryan Lake


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