Letter from a Pleased Resident in Bloomington (7/20/12)

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Last month, we received the following letter from a resident of Bloomington affected by a roadway reconstruction project on Auto Club Road which required inconveniences to the motoring public.

“Bravo to the work crew who spent six or seven weeks working on the street that runs in front of our condo building.

I have lived in five states, mostly in Minnesota. This crew has been the most hardworking and dedicated of the many groups I have seen. Somehow they managed their heavy equipment to not obstruct two-way traffic throughout the construction period. In addition, when necessary, they personally guided drivers past equipment in the most patient and respectful manner.

Many times since the completion of the road project I have heard neighbors compliment the Public Works division. I thought it only fair to let you know that we are grateful for the professional job accomplished by the crew and in the professional manner in which it was done. Thank you.”

For us, it is important to publicly share this for two reasons:

First, this pat-on-the-back belongs to our employees and subcontractors who worked in this project. I’d like to acknowledge that we feel our employees are top-notch and this is proof they are living up to our ideals. Plus, it’s great for staff moral to hear positive feedback. Second, our potential clientele needs to hear what our clients already know – we put a great deal of effort into delivering great customer service.

We appreciate this feedback and we truly do pride ourselves on providing quality products and exceptional customer service. It is always pleasing to hear that we have been successful in that effort.


John Kittleson

Vice President

Bituminous Roadways

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