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Too Much Information

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A recent conversation I had with a friend found us sharing some of the things that are causing stress in our lives. He said, “You sound perplexed.” Initially, I downplayed his diagnosis. But the word stuck in my head until I eventually looked it up since I didn’t know what it meant. “Perplex: to make unable to grasp something clearly or to think logically and decisively about something.” Hmm… Maybe not exactly what I had in mind but not far off. “Distracted,” maybe….

Biorestor Demonstration (9/12/12)

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We recently held an on-site demonstration of Biorestor. In attendance were a few MNDOT researchers.

As we were awaiting the application to begin, I rifled off the benefits of Biorestor. After I had exhausted the list in my head, I was asked what the typical application would be. I said, “Well, Biorestor is only intended for the pavements that are two years of newer.”

Moving Forward (12/28/12)

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In the waning days of 2012, facing the looming fiscal cliff crisis, I’d like to share a few thoughts.

In review of 2012, we have improved in numerous areas. We have strengthened our team with added depth and experience. We’ve challenged ourselves and taken on new initiatives that will lead to more opportunities down the road. We’ve invested in more efficient equipment. We’ve strengthened customer and supplier relationships. Most importantly, we had another safe year.

Poised for the Future (10/30/12)

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Over 80 years of experience. That’s the accumulated total of two key employees who retired recently. Tom Picek, in his 26th year with 4 decades of construction experience, retired last month. Tom Haller had been with BR 42 years when he retired last year. On top of these two management retirees, operator Gordy Johnson retired with decades of experience.

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